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Reduce Time, Effort, and Cost Associated with Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits Can be Painful

The software-defined data center is gaining ground as virtualization of data centers becomes mainstream. Organizations benefiting from the flexibility and economic advantages of virtualization also have to consider the impact of virtualization on compliance. Most organizations still handle compliance requirements as a standalone project with dedicated resources. Each compliance standard and mandate is analyzed and broken down into individual control objectives. For each of those the organization that manually validates whether controls are in place and gather proof that the control indeed functioned as intended. While this approach may get you through an audit, it is a very time-consuming and costly way of addressing compliance requirements and associated audits.

Catbird® provides continuous cloud compliance -- automated, monitored, enforced, and proven. Government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare and other regulated organizations are increasingly being tasked with addressing regulatory compliance requirements upfront when mapping out their deployment strategies. By identifying and addressing compliance challenges early on, plans can continue on schedule and new data centers can be even more secure than traditional ones.

Catbird Includes Default Policies for the Following Compliance Frameworks:

Catbird – Automated Control Monitoring and Enforcement

Virtualized security can bring significant assistance to achieving compliance. The benefits of encapsulation and isolation have enabled Catbird to provide the monitoring and control that make compliance more attainable, and the auditing to help provide proof of compliance. Catbird’s compliance-aware approach automatically validates the compliance requirements, providing demonstrable evidence of compliance.

Catbird offers the broadest set of automated compliance measurements in the industry as well as auditor-ready reports and visualization.