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What's A Catbird?

The Catbird 

The grey catbird, a species of thrush closely related to the mockingbird, sits high in the forest canopy, viewing all its surroundings from an unequalled vantage point.

The catbird (dumatalla carolinensis) constantly monitors the environment, and alerts all the other birds to the presence of any threat. In habitats where catbirds are present, other birds can relax, knowing that the catbird will alert them to any threat.

“Sitting in the catbird seat,” a phrase made popular in a James Thurber short story in the New Yorker Magazine, means being in a unique position to know exactly what is going on around you. “The catbird seat” is a confident, serene place, and anyone “sitting in the catbird seat” has complete peace of mind. The company’s founders were thinking of this very apt metaphor when they selected the name. Catbird's products and services put customers “in the catbird seat”—with constant vigilant monitoring that alerts customers to the presence of any threat.

At Catbird, we watch the virtual infrastructure from the most advantageous location: the hypervisor and the virtual switch. We monitor the security posture continuously against the leading standards and when it does not meet expectations, we notify you of misconfigurations, invaders or hackers on a near-real-time basis. We are in "the Catbird seat" of the virtual infrastructure.